6/3/2012 Another Update….

Hi all,

Unexpectedly, I chewed it up pretty good on 160m 2HS829 and 2HS464.  160m is a weird band- try it. If for nothing else to experience some very weird phase shift and phase effects.

Big kudos to Gregory, 2HS464, for spending time giving me the Elmer on HamSpace. He’s been invaluable in helping me adapt to HamSphere with my 25 year old radio experience, the properties of HamSphere, and the quest for the legit ticket. Its both amazing to me what I already know, and also amazing to me what I apparently don’t know. A good exercise.

Tonight, is another graveyard for me. I’m naturally nocturnal- a by product of having been a radio enthusiast as a child- burning way too many nights away.

As an aside, I know they have a contest going on. I *fully* support those kinds of things. It’s good it appears for the majority of stations. However, I usually use radio for meeting people and having conversation. Which means I’m not competitive when it comes to contests.

Unless of course, they modified the categories. Which I would propose to include “25 local counties”- that I could do :D

Ok- I’m off to jack in.

Michael 2HS1365

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